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UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Convent of Christ in Tomar is a historic site that was originally built as a Templar fortress in the 12th century. It was later transformed into a monastery and became the headquarters of the Order of Christ during the Age of Discovery. The complex includes a variety of architectural styles, reflecting the different historical periods in which it was built, such as Gothic, Manueline, and Renaissance. Visitors can admire the Templar church, the Charola (a circular church unique in the world), various cloisters, and the famous Manueline window that represents the Discoveries. The convent is also home to a museum that displays art, artifacts, and objects related to the history of the site. The Convent of Christ has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983 and is considered one of the most impressive examples of Portuguese architecture and history.

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Dining out in Tomar is a delightful experience that engages all your senses. Portuguese cuisine is heavily influenced by seafood, with codfish dishes being a specialty. Traditional dishes may include grilled sardines, caldo verde soup, and francesinha sandwiches. Portugal also produces excellent wines, with Vinho Verde being a popular choice. Meals often begin with appetizers called petiscos, which are like tapas, and a couvert consisting of olives, bread, and butter. Desserts like pastéis de nata, a custard tart, are a must-try. Dining culture in Tomar is relaxed, so meals can take several hours. It’s common to have a leisurely lunch followed by a siesta before returning to work. In Tomar English menus are often available, but it’s always appreciated to learn a few Portuguese phrases. Overall, dining out in Tomar is a cherished activity for locals and visitors alike.

The Splendor of Feira da Golegã: A Must-Experience Event

Portugal’s vibrant cultural tapestry is woven with diverse hues, and at its heart lies the spectacular Feira da Golegã. Nestled in the town of Golegã, this equestrian extravaganza is not merely an event; it’s a celebration of heritage, horsemanship, and rich tradition. For those seeking an authentic and mesmerizing experience, Feira da Golegã stands as an unmissable gem among Portugal’s many offerings.

A Tapestry of Equestrian Elegance:

Feira da Golegã is a revered event that celebrates the Lusitano horse, showcasing the epitome of Portuguese horsemanship. Each year, the town comes alive in November, as enthusiasts, breeders, and visitors from around the globe gather to witness the beauty and grace of these magnificent creatures.

What to Expect:

  1. Equestrian Demonstrations and Competitions: Immerse yourself in the world of equestrian mastery with stunning displays of dressage, show jumping, and breed competitions. Witness the seamless harmony between horse and rider, a testament to centuries of Portuguese horsemanship.

  2. Cultural Exhibitions: Beyond the equestrian displays, Feira da Golegã offers a gateway into Portuguese culture. Indulge in the delectable local cuisine, explore artisanal crafts, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this lively fair.

  3. Engaging Entertainment: Evenings at the fair are alive with energy. From live music to traditional Portuguese Fado performances, the atmosphere is a delightful blend of celebration and cultural immersion.

  4. Meet the Locals: Engage with locals, breeders, and equestrian experts. Learn about the Lusitano breed and the rich history behind this noble animal. It’s an opportunity to connect, learn, and share in the passion for these majestic creatures.

Exploring Beyond the Fair:

While Feira da Golegã is undoubtedly the highlight, the region offers more to explore. Take a stroll through the historic town of Golegã itself, with its charming streets and cultural heritage. Additionally, nearby attractions such as the Castle of Almourol and the scenic Tagus River provide a diverse array of experiences to complement your visit to the fair.

Planning Your Visit:

To make the most of your experience at Feira da Golegã, plan ahead. Consider accommodations in  nearby towns like Tomar, ensuring convenience and easy access to the fair. Arriving early or mid-week might offer a more leisurely experience, allowing you to savor the exhibits and demonstrations with fewer crowds.


Feira da Golegã is an embodiment of Portugal’s rich cultural heritage, showcasing the majestic Lusitano breed and offering a glimpse into the soul of the nation. It’s an event that not only celebrates equestrian excellence but also invites visitors to immerse themselves in a vibrant celebration of Portuguese culture. For those seeking an authentic and enchanting experience, Feira da Golegã stands as a testament to Portugal’s equestrian legacy and cultural vibrancy, inviting visitors to become a part of its rich narrative.